Oakley’s Outing Eligibility


An Oakley's Outing is available at the discretion of the charity.

Oakley's Outings at Share A Star

We would like to confirm that an award of an Oakley's Outing does not constitute having received a "Wish."

An Oakley's Outing iis given to one of the charity's stars to allow them a day out (or at home/hospital) with their family to give them a chance to enjoy time away from the doctors and nurses and spend some quality memorable time with their close family.

An award of an Outing does not need to be declared if one of the Wish-donating organisations ask whether the proposed recipient has had a "wish" granted from another charity.

In order to be considered for an Oakley's Outing we have set some simple criteria

  1. The recipient has not had a "wish" granted from another charity within the last 12 months
  2. Any agreed Outing must be UK-based
  3. The Outing must be agreed by the charity’s committee
  4. We will include parents/guardians and siblings in the Outing
  5. Maximum expenditure (venue and travel costs) not to exceed £500 per Outing
  6. Priority will be given to a star who has not received any wish from another organisation previously and to any who have am immediately life-threatening condition
  7. Must be a registered star with Share A Star Charity
  8. The recipients agree to publicity in the media unless specific restrictions apply

Exceptions to the criteria may be considered on an individual basis by the Committee who may agree or refer for a full Trustee decision.


The committee shall consist of a minimum of any 3 Trustees

The committee shall aim to meet every 2 months

Bringing Hope and Sparkle through our Outings