Oakley’s Story

Oakley is now an 8 year old little boy, who when aged 7 was diagnosed with epilepsy. He was given medication to help with his symptoms but instead he had an extreme allergic reaction to it.

This reaction was called Stevens Johnsons Syndrome (SJS). He had an extreme form of this called TENS (Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis); this resulted in Oakley losing 100% of his skin, all of his hair, his fingernails and toenails and also part of his toe due to having cold sepsis. He literally burned from the inside out!

Oakley spent 5 weeks on a ventilator in intensive care,  3 weeks in intensive care on the high dependency (HD) unit then a further 4 weeks on a specialist burns rehabilitation unit where he learned to walk again and eat normal food without being tube fed!

Oakley’s determination to survive and his ongoing bravery has inspired the venture “Oakley’s Outings.”

As Oakley got better he and his family wanted to support other youngsters deal with their illnesses and have the opportunity to have a special day, away from hospitals, doctors and nurses. Oakley

Oakley opens the Fair

and Jessica met whilst she was in hospital and it was obvious that the charity and Oakley’s family were working for the same goal and it made sense that they joined resources to provide Share A Star’s Oakley’s Outings.

Oakley’s mum, Lorraine and dad, Steven have tirelessly promoted awareness of SJS , Share A Star and Oakley’s Outings. The rest of the family too have raised funds through sponsored events, cake stalls and helping at Fun Days arranged to support the cause.

Bringing Hope and Sparkle through our Outings