Welcome to Share a Star’s Oakley’s Outings

Share A Star support  children and young adults with serious, severe, chronic illnesses or life-threatening conditions. We support these youngsters and their families in some very difficult times, particularly when acutely ill and in hospital. When Oakley Orange became ill Share A Star supported him; one of the first things he saw when recovering were the balloons sent from Share A Star and he was holding his own unique star. Oakley’s family joined resources with Share A Star to launch Share A Star’s Oakley’s Outings and his mum, Lorraine is now a trustee of the charity.

Oakley’s Outings is a new project run by Share A Star enabling seriously ill youngsters with complex needs to go on a Wish Day with their family.

Recipients of an Oakley’s Outing will already be one of Share A Star’s “stars;” they will join the growing group of youngsters supported by this registered charity.

If you would like to donate to our project please follow the link below

Bringing Hope and Sparkle through our Outings